Philharmonic to Announce Summer Pops Series Lineup


Boise Philharmonic is launching a summertime pops concert series that will run in August and September 2012. The series encourages khaki shorts and picnic baskets instead of gowns and tuxedos.

Jimsi Kuborn, Philharmonic marketing director, chatted with Boise Weekly in February about this forthcoming announcement: a new series that hopes to bridge both demographic and regional gaps in patronage.

"We look at our database and we have this separation, an age separation and also a geographic separation. There are not a lot of people from Meridian or Eagle," said Kuborn.

To solve the geographic separation issue, the Phil has selected the Eagle River Pavilion as the location for Picnic at the Pops.

"The thought process was: We need a new program, something that's much more approachable, brings in a younger age, but also something that our older patrons and regular patrons and the ones who truly support us can appreciate," said Kuborn.

The outdoor series will resemble the Idaho Shakespeare Festival's relaxed, picnic-packing vibe, a far cry from the atmosphere of watching the orchestra downtown. To that end, the Phil hopes to get families and younger adults in the crowd.

"It makes it a little more lax," said Kuborn. "You’re not sitting in a dark room, you don’t have to dress up, you can wear shorts and tank tops and flip-flops. It’s another way to get people introduced to the Philharmonic and then, hopefully, they grow with us."

The series lineup will be officially announced at a press conference on Thursday, April 19.