Wizard Rifle Helps Throw a Metal Birthday Party


Local metal promoter Justin Cantrell is celebrating his birthday tonight, Friday, April 13, the way metal promoters are wont to do: with a (mostly) metal show. And you're all invited, provided you'll pony up $5 at the door.

The lineup includes local shredders The Maladroids, electro vag-rockers Vagerfly, schlock-punks The Meatballs and The Sneezzbil. The show will be headlined by the innocuously named Wizard Rifle.

The band's name may give the impression of D&D nerdery, but with stacks of speakers taller than the guitar player blasting out colossal riffs, and blisteringly complex drum patterns, the Portland, Ore., duo brings some seriously supernatural thunder in the vein of Lightning Bolt or Botch.

Also, according to a post on Facebook, there will be a special surprise guest performance.

The show starts at 7 p.m. at The Shredder. Shredding, both air guitar and skate ramp-style, is encouraged.

[ Video is no longer available. ]