LoudSauce Promotes Community-Funded Advertisements


The crowdsourcing website Kickstarter is the current go-to for artists and musicians looking to raise money for their next big project. In February, we wrote that Kickstarter was on track to distribute more money than the annual budget of the National Endowment for the Arts.

Boise's Lynn Allison launched her first play, Boise Weekly's Josh Gross released a new book, and local musician Bill Coffey recorded a new album, all using Kickstarter and money from local fans.

If new upstart LoudSauce has its way, Boise could see crowdsourced advertising and media buys, too. The New York Times reported that one campaign purchased a Times Square billboard ad to promote Greek tourism, raising more than $20,000 for the project.

"The ads are made possible by donations, totaling $20,352, from 333 people, including Greeks, people of Greek ancestry who live in other countries, and friends of Greece," wrote Stuart Elliot.

Other projects include national TV spots for an Occupy Wall Street ad and an online advert for a kid's show with an environmental message, Pacha's Pajamas. According to LoudSauce's website:

"By bringing unexpected ideas and creative solutions to mainstream channels, we will ultimately build momentum for some of the best work happening in the world."