Alec Baldwin, Who Plays NBC Executive, Tweets That He'll Leave the Network


Alec Baldwin is ticked off at his bosses at NBC and has threatened to leave the network.

Baldwin, who has picked up an armful of acting trophies for his portrayal of network executive Jack Donaghy on NBC's 30 Rock, tweeted hints that he might leave the network over a feud with the Today show. Baldwin made recent headlines over the arrest of a woman who allegedly stalked him. However, when media staked out his Manhattan apartment, including reporters from NBC's Today, Baldwin took to Twitter with his frustration:

"A story about stalking sure brings out the stalkers in the media. But the Today show?" tweeted Baldwin. "I think I'm leaving NBC just in time."

The tweets aren't the first time Baldwin said he would leave NBC. In 2007, he hinted about retiring to focus on the relationship with his daughter, following a much-publicized leaked voicemail, in which he called her a "rude, thoughtless pig" for not answering his phone calls.