Francis Fox and BOCOLAB Premiere Transition at VAC


On April 6, the Visual Arts Collective held a last-minute opening reception for a new exhibit from BOCOLAB and Francis Fox called Transition. BOCOLAB is a group of artists and scientists that aims to explore the relationship between humans and the environment by investigating the intersection of art and science.

The exhibit consists of a small sculpture gallery with various distorted and futuristic shapes that combine wood, stone and metals. At the other end of VAC is a single small sculpture that looks like something you might see in a science class—a model of a compound or an atom made from material that looks like ice.

Behind it hangs a painting of the same shape, except instead of a monochrome icy figure, it features a bright and colorful depiction of the object on canvas.

Next to it is a crane with a round light projector on top of it and various operators that move the crane arm in different directions.

The exhibit will remain up through Saturday, May 26.