The Flicks Goes Digital Beginning Today


After showing thousands of films for more than a quarter-century, The Flicks is going digital beginning with today's screenings.

Transitioning The Flicks' four theaters from 35-millimeter projection systems to brand-new digital equipment will position the locally owned cineplex for new releases.

"This is an industry-wide change," Josie Pusl, the Flicks' general manager, told Cobweb. "By the end of 2013, they won't be making 35-mm prints anymore. It will all be digital. I'm not saying we'll never have a need for 35-mm, but it won't be very often."

Pusl said up to six of the theater's staff are being trained to operate the new equipment.

"It's a completely different skill set," she said. "Traditional projection skills are a thing of the past. Now, you have to have more computer savvy."

Pusl said customers should notice an immediate movie-going experience.

"The picture quality is certainly better; the sound quality is better," said Pusl. "And we're never again going to have issues such as print scratches, slices or lamp-flickering."

Digital showings of Jeff Who Lives At Home, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, Thin Ice, and We Need to Talk About Kevin (which we review in the current issue of BW) all have showtimes today. Viewers may see the greatest difference in the digital experience from Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, which showcases spectacular vistas of the Scottish Highlands and the canyons of Yemen.