Rugby: More than Beer Drinking


Think rugby is all about beer and hitting people? The guys at Snake River Rugby would object.

Snake River is Boise's champion rugby club and it has a reputation for excellence on and off the field.
The Snakes have done so well this year that they are poised to make a run for the national championship.
They will be competing against top teams from Washington and Oregon.

They hope the buzz of this year's seasons attracts new fans and players.

"I think people should come watch the team because Boise loves champions," says Michael "Mik" Lose, one of the team's players and a former Boise State football champion.

Lose and his teammates tell Boise Weekly in the upcoming issue why they want to spread the sport of rugby. They also share some little-known team activities, activities that might surprise you. The guys are up to a lot more than drinking and tackling ....