Q&A With Dick Valentine of Electric Six at Neurolux


Boise Weekly checked out Electric Six at the Neurolux on March 29 and had a chance to chat with front man Dick Valentine about what's up with the band's tour and plans for the future.

BW: What has brought you back to Boise, now 10 times and counting?
Valentine: I love the Basque food and the people. Boise is filled with wonderful people.

How do you like playing smaller and more intimate venues like Neurolux?
This venue is so convenient. We don't have to spend a lot of time doing sound check ... just take the stage and go.

How would you sum up the new album?
Simple, metaphysical, synthesizer.

Anything fresh on the horizon?
We're going to record a live album between Minneapolis and Chicago in May.

This is silly, but I have to ask: How often do people ask you to join them after a show at their local gay bar?
Honestly, about once every two weeks.

For more information on Electric Six tour dates and what's up with the band, check out its website.