Treefort: WHY?, K. Flay, Grieves and Budo Rule the Main Stage


Bay Area artist K.Flay spits in Boise.
  • Bay Area artist K.Flay spits in Boise.

A troupe of hip-hop artists kicked off the first day of the Treefort Music Fest Main Stage on Grove Street. In a dirt parking lot, the mammoth stage rose up adjacent to local food trucks and multiple tents offering local brews.

"I'm just a regular guy," said Seattle, Wash. member of Grieves and Budo. "I flew here today, in coach mind you, sleeping next to a woman reading People Magazine. I drooled down my shirt; I felt sexy."

The duo were more than happy to dish for Boise's enthusiastic, hip-swaying crowd:

"I got a free tattoo in Boise once," said Budo. "It's a tattoo of a beaver eating a helicopter, and it's on my ass. No it's not, but that would be cool."

Grieves addressed a huge crowd in the city block-sized space, following Bay Area artist K.Flay, a one-woman phenomenon who uses electronica and quick rap lyrics to create a unique sound.

"Boise, do you want to go on a trip with me? Let's go to Disneyland. Those creepy bears are gonna sing zippity-do-da," said K.Flay's Kristine Flaherty.

But the biggest act that evening was WHY?, headed up by Jonathan "Yoni" Wolf, the monotone-vocal frontman who rapped lyrics like, "While I'm alive I'll feel alive."

Cincinnati, Ohio band WHY? rock the Main Stage at Treefort.
  • Cincinnati, Ohio band WHY? rock the Main Stage at Treefort.

"She fits her hair in curlers listening to that Garrison Keillor," rapped Wolf, "That's how I'll live when I quit my rap career."

After the set, with Boise audience members chanting lyrics in unison with the band, WHY? retreated back to a band tent with folding lawn chairs. Guitarist Matt Meldon said the band planned to check out the rest of the festival before they flew home to Seattle, Wash.

"We really like Boise," said guitarist Matt Meldon. "K. Flay was our favorite."