Treefort: Dinosaur Feathers Heart Boise


Brooklyn, NYC band Dinosaur Feathers got lovey-dovey over Boise.
  • April Foster
  • Brooklyn, NYC band Dinosaur Feathers got lovey-dovey over Boise.

Brooklyn, New York band Dinosaur Feathers was a huge draw for Treefort fans on the opening day of the festival. The band's set at the Red Room had the venue at capacity within minutes, folks jockeying to get through the door. But despite the chaos, guitarist Greg Sullo and bassist Ryan Michael Kiley said they loved Boise.

"We just love this Treefort thing, you guys seem to have a really good thing going. It has been managed well and it's just been so stress-free for us. SXSW is all traffic jams and there are 1,000 bands playing," said Sullo. "Like literally everywhere you go that can have a band has somebody playing something."

Like a number of bands playing at Treefort, Dinosaur Feathers was on its way back from the SXSW music fest in Austin, Texas. The band had played a set in Denver after driving all day, and were headed to Seattle for another set just hours after they finished at the Red Room. During the day, the city boys drank up the West.

"We went up to Skinny Dipper hot springs that was really cool," said Sullo. "There are signs that say, 'You may see nudity,' but it wasn't that bad."

Kiley opted for some free bike rentals proffered by the city:

"I actually picked up on of those free bike rentals and went down to this river over here. There was a stretch with some corporate shit and then a neighborhood with some nice houses, and I went through there," said Kiley. "That was really nice."

Dinosaur Feathers spoke with BW while nonchalantly loading its equipment into a van. Sullo said he was so chatty because he was on a post-show high.

"The audience was super loud and enjoying being here," said Sullo. "This city has so much to offer."