25 Days of Treefort: WHY?


Since 1997, Berkeley, Calif. band WHY? have asked Why not?
  • Since 1997, Berkeley, Calif., band WHY? have asked "Why not?"

The Berkeley, Calif., band WHY? is largely driven by the disturbed mind of frontman Jonathan "Yoni" Wolf, a fast-talking singer whose unemotional monotone conveys heavy lyrics involving death, sex and perversion. Other band members use guitars and synthesizers to craft the catchy pop.

2008's Alopecia cemented WHY? as part of a genre-bending scene that blends indie rock and alternative hip-hop. From "Jerking off in an art museum john 'til my dick hurts" on "Good Friday," to "Inhaling crushed bones through a dried up White-Out pen" on "Crushed Bones," Wolf's delightfully morose lyrics are laid atop reverent indie rock to make the songs stick. His delivery resembles the pace of rap, but with digital trickery, his voice can lapse into catchy choruses impossible to forget.

Ask yourself WHY? today, Friday, March 2, during Treefort Music Fest at the Main Stage from 8:30-10 p.m.

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