Need Something To Do Wednesday?


If you've ever seen those super-sweet mazes made of shrubbery, you know that properly pruning a hedge can instantly class up your yard. The folks at Idaho Botanical Garden know that, too.

And today, you can gain some greenery grooming skills with certified arborist Dwight Allen. At 7 p.m., Allen will instruct workshop attendees on what tools to use (no machetes), when to prune (probably not in the snow or while intoxicated), how to prune (because the shrubs can't ask you), and good reference books (in case you forget anything).

The workshop is part of IBG's spring series of adult education classes, and you can view a full schedule of the classes here.

Classes meet at the IBG Garden Cottage. This evening's class costs $20, or $15 if you're an IBG member. Call 208-343-8649 for more info and to register.