Teens go Apeshit on Headhunters


Teens onstage at Headhunters during SXSW.
  • Josh Gross
  • Teens onstage at Headhunters during SXSW.

Locally, Teens has made a name for itself as one of Boise's most unhinged live acts, generally bringing unhinged chaos to venues. Band members are rowdy, petulant and, most importantly, unrepentant.

The band's showcase performance on March 17 at Headhunters during SXSW was no different. Though there were only a handful of people in the audience, the band held nothing back, bullying the crowd into taking part.

Beer was sprayed, choruses were shouted, and at one point, drummer Connor Robinson attempted to hurdle his set. Instead, he lost his balance, causing the kit to crumble to pieces with him in a twisted heap on top. The band jammed noise until Robinson could reassemble his kit and jump back in.

For the big finale, Teens threw their instruments in the air, caught them and, in a single windmill move, smashed them into the ground. By the end of the set, the band's equipment was broken, the bar was a minefield of debris, and guitarist David Wood had lost his glasses and a shoe.

That's why you don't leave teens, or Teens, at home alone to party.