Need Something To Do Monday?


In case you somehow managed to stay away from all windows and not go outside over the last few days, you should know that's it's been beautiful in Boise. Sure, there's always the threat of a blustery winter-like day, but for the most part, it appears spring is here.

So why not check out a celebration for a warmer-weather activity? Team Exergy will hold its community appreciation party today at the Linen Building. You can enjoy a presentation from this community-focused bike-racing team, ask them all kinds of questions, listen to live music from Polk, gnaw on a taco from the Azteca truck or a piece of Pie Hole pizza, and maybe take home a sweet raffle prize. Oh, and if you're of age, there's a full bar. Because booze, pizza and tacos make you look real nice in Spandex bike shorts.

Check out more about Team Exergy here, and help the members kick off their season at the Linen Building from 5:30-11 p.m.