25 Days of Treefort: Sun Blood Stories



Internet metrics are often argued to be the hard-line, irrefutable truth. A song has been downloaded or a video has been viewed X amount of times, and that number is the precise reading of its quality.

All you need to prove that theory bullshit is a quick visit to the Facebook page for Sun Blood Stories, the new gritty-folk-and-blues project from Boisean Ben Kirby, which has a paltry 69 “likes.”

Kirby’s rough voice sounds lost in time, like it is reaching out from the days of blues pioneers Son House and Skip James, to wrap its tendrils around your heart and drag it down into the depths of melancholy. Were Nietzsche a music critic, the tunes and tones Kirby squeezes from his battered vintage guitar are what he would have been referring to when reminding listeners that the abyss operates in stereo.

Sun Blood Stories released a direct-to-web EP, Early Recordings of Early Songs of Sun Blood Stories, in December, which is available as a free download via Bandcamp and Facebook.

The austere seven-song collection easily ranks among the best of recent offerings from Boise bands. And if it only sounded slightly crappier, with that distinctive dirty-vinyl crackle, it might be indistinguishable from the historical masters of delta blues.

Sun Blood Stories will play the Treefort Music Fest on Sunday, March 25, at The Crux from 6-6:40 p.m.