Taiwan to Propagandize Musically at SXSW


Watch Taiwans Wanfu strut its stuff.
  • Watch Taiwan's Wanfu strut its stuff.

The SXSW festival in Austin is notorious for showcasing some of the best music in America. But this year, it will also feature some of the best from Taiwan.

The Wall Music, one of the largest clubs in Taipei, is bringing three marquee acts: Fire EX, White Eyes and Wonfu, for the Taiwan Music Party on Thursday, March 15, at Soho Lounge from 1-5 p.m.

The bands are all strong draws in their homeland, with styles ranging from bubblegum to punk and a reputation for arresting live shows that inspire singalongs and crazy dancing.

During the showcase, Taiwan's Government Information Office will serve up fried noodles and dumplings. In their words: "It is not the time to wonder how the taste and the ingredient are; it is the time to actually eat and experience delicious flavor."

That is some tasty sounding propaganda.