Need Something To Do Sunday?


The somewhat-forgotten genre of silent film garnered some new attention with The Artist's Best Picture, Director and Actor wins at the Oscars. If you're craving more quiet-movie action, today is your day.

Get your fix at the Egyptian Theatre at 2 p.m., when the Boise Philharmonic presents Musical Movies. What does an orchestra have to do with silent film, you ask? Well, traditionally, silent movies weren't so silent—they were accompanied by an organ or small ensemble. The Phil will give you that old-school experience when it plays alongside the films Felix in Pedigreedy, starring Felix the Cat; One Week, starring Buster Keaton; and The Adventurer, starring silent-film-and-mustache legend Charlie Chaplin.

Catch these historic films at the historic theater for $18, or $10 for students and children. Tickets are available at the Philharmonic's website.