Scenes From a Scene #042, Hillfolk Noir


Old-timey folk band Hillfolk Noir has been prowling around Boise venues for a while, delivering its unique brand of Dust-Bowl era blues and ragtime tunes that it has coined “junkerdash.”

Dressed in outfits that are representative of its sound, the band performs concerts that are equal parts bluegrass, country, rock 'n' roll and indie folk—a little something for almost anyone.

Hillfolk Noir is headed by local songsmith and guitar player Travis Ward, and then topped off with a musical saw, washboard, stand-up bass, banjo and drummer.

The band has a number of big happenings on the horizon, with an appearance at the Boise SXSW Showcase, and a new album coming out on Tuesday, March 6, called Hillfolk Noir Radio Hour. While waiting for the new record to drop, you can swing over to Barn Owl Records and pickup an older album for free.