Slideshow: Crooked Fence Brewing's Grand Opening


Crooked Fence Brewing is mostly micro. In fact, it’s small enough to snuggle into a Garden City strip mall.

But what isn’t small about this Idaho microbrewery is its customer base. At the brewery's grand opening on Feb. 25, there were hundreds of faithful beer drinkers donating money to a cause they truly believe in: local beer.

"People were lined up at the door before we opened,” said Kelly Knopp, Crooked Fence's beer marketeer.

Though Crooked Fence has only been fermenting since September 2011, guests were happily sinking pints of Rusty Nail Pale Ale and walking up to congratulate Crooked Fence resident brewmaster Kris Price, a seasoned home brewer and former New Belgium rep.

Business partner Andy Leathers was also once employed by New Belgium. He commented on Crooked Fence's modest start.

“Some of our equipment was even found on Craigslist,” said Leathers. “Entire breweries can be bought or you can assemble your own. You just have to know where to look.”

You can look no farther than Garden City, because between the 3 Picket Porter and Hole Wheat American Hef, Crooked Fence Brewing will be in high demand from here on out.

Check out a slideshow of the opening here.