Having a Ball Watching Off Center Dance


Off Center Dance troupe has big balls, and they proved that Feb. 24 at Boise Contemporary Theater.

Their energetic encore, "Ball Change," included 14 dancers and over 40 balls bouncing all over the stage.

"Lots and lots of balls, all different sizes and colors," said Katie Ponozzo, dancer and choreographer of the piece.

Ponozzo explained she came up with the idea while rehearsing with some dancers at a gym. She said they started goofing off with some exercise balls when she thought to herself, "This needs to be my next piece."

It was a clever, playful dance number that easily commanded the attention of the audience. However, the show had more eccentricities as Off Center is a newer, non-traditional dance company.

"It's a nice mixture, it's not just modern dance," said audience member Anne McDonald. "There's a nice blend of different styles."

Other pieces in the show included two new works by Artistic Director Kelli Brown, who created both a live performance and an artistic dance movie, Dune, which was filmed last year in Bruneau. Both were inviting, but the movie added a new spin with visual dance art.

"I loved it," said audience member Yvette Zoe. "I loved the dancing, the music, all of it."

Another unique number was a new piece by 60-year-old Teresa Vaughan, who created "Journey" about all the periods of her life as a dancer.

"My inspiration really came from the joy that dancing has given me since I was a child," Vaughan wrote in a press release.