Scenes From a Scene #041—Pleasantville Killerz Video Shoot


Internet metrics say a lot, and they can reveal some interesting things about Boise's music scene.

For example: Finn Riggins, one of Boise's chief musical exports, has 36,323 views on the excellent video for its single "Wake," which has been up since 2009. No small feat.

On the other hand "Duffel Bag," uploaded three months ago by Boise rap duo Pleasantville Killerz, has 47,442 views.

But putting statistics like that aside, why do videos matter?

Boise Weekly went down to ask that question of Pleasantville Killerz, who shoot videos pretty much constantly. We caught up with the band on the set of the shoot for its latest single "Dance With Me," for Episode 41 of Scenes From a Scene.

[ Video is no longer available. ]