Need Something To Do Friday?


The best comedy is not that which denigrates, but that which illuminates. The best jokes turn an issue sideways, revealing a truth that was always there but you somehow never noticed before.

For example: Snuggies. Sure, they're stupid beyond measure. But what you may not have noticed until stand-up comedian Matt Golightly pointed it out, is that wearing one also happens to make you look like the Grand Wizard of the KKK.

Cunning insight like that will be on display this week at Liquid Laughs, when Golightly serves as the resident comic, tonight through Sunday, Feb. 19. Golightly has made appearances on the Bob and Tom radio show and dished out some jokes in the San Francisco International Comedy Competition. Locals Matt Bragg, Jen Adams and Danny Amspacher will be opening. Tickets are $10 for Friday and Saturday nights and $8 on Sunday, and are available online and at the door.

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