Vektor Puts Phasers on Full at The Shredder


It aint easy for Vektor frontman David DiSanto to be green.
  • Josh Gross
  • It ain't easy for Vektor frontman David DiSanto to be green.

Vektor frontman David DiSanto may look like an '80s-era Kirk Hammett, but he sounds like a cyborg sent from the future to replace him.

The Arizona space-metal band hit Boise on Feb.12 for a show at The Shredder. And though it was midnight by the time the band took the stage, the audience crowded together with an energy absent from doom-masters' Abigail Williams' set.

"Can I get some reverb on the vocals," DiSanto said. "It makes you sound like you're floating in space, even though sound doesn't actually travel in space."

Then Vektor launched into the spooky arpeggio opening for "Cosmic Cortex," the first song on the band's new album, Outer Isolation. After that—to quote Buzz Lightyear—the group went to infinity and beyond.

Vektor's sound is a blistering wall of thrash metal riffs and lyrical meditations on nightmarish science-fiction dystopias delivered with precision force. When DiSanto howls, it sounds like he might actually be in the process of being dismembered by aliens, and the riffs blasting off the stage were the sound of him fighting back. To quote the drunk guy who intended to shout over my shoulder, but really shouted in my ear: "Metal as fuck!"

But despite all the metal-o-sexual madness going down, it was far from a hardcore bro-down. Vektor's show was as light-hearted as you're ever going to see in apocalyptic concept thrash metal.

"Our whole set is dedicated to Space Cake," DiSanto joked.