Bored at Work? Read the FBI File on Steve Jobs


Celebrated biographer Walter Isaacson recently struck publishing gold with his book Steve Jobs. But if you'd prefer to skip lauded, prosaic passages in favor of "the real story," delivered in dry report form, you're in luck.

The FBI file on Steve Jobs—compiled when he was under consideration for a job in the George H.W. Bush administration—has just hit the Web. Apparently, the same guy who reputedly ran his business almost like a cult, bullied employees into satisfying his perfectionism, and whose overseas factories are now under fire for harsh working conditions, also had questions raised about his character in the report.


No, really, it's true. The report highlights Jobs' refusal to take responsibility for his child and his perceived dishonesty by associates. And here we thought he was just the man who brought back black turtlenecks.

This is sure to satisfy the world-class shit-talkers at Gawker, who just love harping on how much of a butthole Jobs was. Oh look ... there it is.