Boise Rec Fest Canceled


After two years, the Boise Rec Fest is putting its gear away for the last time.

Even organizers announced that the outdoor recreation/music festival will not be happening this year after they realized that the weekend festival could not support a full-time paid staff. Brett Adler, one of the founders of the event, wrote in an email to supporters that while the festival was considered successful and was able to meet all its debts, it didn't raise enough money to provide for staff salaries.

"Running a large event like Boise Rec Fest takes more than just volunteer time to be done right. Without any full-time staff running the festival, we felt we didn’t have enough resources to successfully organize the event. And while this is not an easy decision for us, we felt it was better for everyone that we not hold the festival rather than do it poorly."

Adler added that while it is highly unlikely that the event will happen this year, he is open to talking to any other organization interested in taking it over in the future.