Scenes From a Scene #040—The Brett Netson Band


You can say rock 'n' roll is a young person's game, but don't say it to Brett Netson. He's been putting out albums since the early '90s with bands like Caustic Resin and Built to Spill, and shows no sign of slowing down.

Netson's latest album, Simple Work for the Dead, was released in November. The Brett Netson Band, which was originally formed to perform the material on that album, is now venturing into uncharted territory. And not just from a strategy perspective. The band's furious yawp is a rich tapestry of sound that thumbs its nose at reality as it drifts from innard-rattling buzzsaw drones of guitar and cymbals to reverb-drenched zen ballads. Had "Tomorrow Never Knows" by The Beatles been a product of the grunge era, it very well might've sounded like The Brett Netson Band.

The band is gaining traction. It did a fall tour opening for Band of Horses and will be one of the six bands representing the city at the Built to Spill-curated Boise showcase at SXSW in March.

BW caught up with Netson at a recent gig for the 40th episode of Scenes From a Scene, our continuing video series on local music happenings.

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