Get Parenting and Drinking Advice From Vicki Barbolak


Based off of my casual calculations, I'd say the average Boisean has somewhere in the neighborhood of, oh, let's say, 1,200 children.

Caring for that many chitlins can be stressful. So, it helps to have some advice and an opportunity to laugh out some of the stress.

This week, you'll have both as Liquid Laughs is hosting Vicki Barbolak, whose act consists of sage advice like: Don't drink alone, wait until your kids get home. That way you're not an alcoholic.

It's nuggets of wisdom like that which earned Barbolak the title of "Funniest Mom in America," from the Nick at Night network, and made her an official member of Jay Leno's Laugh Squad.

Barbolak will be performing at Liquid Thursday, Feb. 9-Sunday, Feb. 12, with Reno comic Alyssa Cowan and local emcee Ryan Noack. Tickets are $8 for Thursday and Sunday, and $10 for Friday and Saturday, and are available online and at the door.