Burnout Babies Need Homes



I signed adoption papers last night—not that kind of adoption papers.

The orphan we welcomed into our family is of the canine variety. You might remember the fire that happened just two days before Christmas. A fifth-wheel in downtown caught fire, trapping a number of animals, including a litter of eight puppies and their parents. Members of the Boise Fire Department managed to rescue the entire litter. Despite prolonged efforts at resuscitation, however, the mama dog did not survive, leaving her 3-week-old puppies motherless.

Ada County Paramedics transported the baby dogs to the Idaho Humane Society, where they entered the foster care system until they became old enough to be adopted.

So how did I get involved in this bittersweet story of new life and life lost? My husband is a Boise firefighter on Truck 5, and he just happened to be one of the two turnout-clad heroes who carried the puppies to safety, applying supplemental oxygen to assist their revival. In some sort of cosmic, karmic way, it just made sense that we opt to raise one of the little guys he saved.

I'm happy to report that Smokey is doing well in his new home. He also has seven brothers and sisters who got a lot of press attention two months ago, but need to be remembered now, as they deserve good homes, too.