Need Something To Do Wednesday?


If you've ever tried to drink hot coffee out of a giant plastic gulp cup from a gas station sans lid, you know how important your beverage's vessel is to your enjoyment of it. Not to mention your safety.

Though wine probably won't burn your face off if you put it in a big plastic jug, it may still hinder your experience. Sure, most of us have sipped vino from less-than-ideal coffee mugs, mason jars or plastic cups, but now it's time to get sophisticated and see what the right glass can do for a fine wine.

Which is precisely why Twig's Cellar is offering a Riedel Stemware class today at 5 p.m. The $25 class includes three 3-ounce pours of wine, three Riedel glasses and instruction. Special prices on Riedel Glassware will also be available. So if you'd like to have guests saying "nice glass," call Twig's at 208-344-8944 to reserve a space.