How Long Would it Take Mitt Romney to Earn Your Salary?


After some posturing and flip-flopping on the subject, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney released his tax returns, showing that his total income was in the neighborhood of $21.6 million in 2010. Apparently, it pays well to have a full head of hair and the emotional range of a shovel.

And if for some masochistic reason you'd like to hold that cheddar up against your annual income from working part-time at Walmart to see how it compares, has released a handy online tool to do just that.

Just enter in your annual income and it will tell you how long it took Mitt Romney to earn it. This reporter's annual salary took Romney a full nine hours, 18 minutes and four seconds to earn. Which is good. Because if it took any less than a single work shift, I might be insulted.

Will this calculator not pass go and lead immediately to class warfare? Or is it just a good old-fashioned measuring contest? Who knows. But if it's the latter, according to C-SPAN, you're probably going to lose that one, too.