Club Med's Next Destination: Idaho?



I was intrigued to read in this morning's Wall Street Journal that French resort operator Club Mediterranee, better known to most American tourists as simply Club Med, is scouring North America for opportunities to expand its vacation properties into another market: ski resorts.

Apparently, the all-inclusive tropical getaway model isn't floating boats as well as it did in the past. Ironically, WSJ goes on to report that Club Med is "scouting properties in California, Colorado and Quebec," and that "prime properties in the hottest ski markets are in short supply." Stop the presses! Really, Club Med? Because I know a little spot in Donnelly that might be plucked off the market for pennies on the dollar. If you're not yet familiar with Tamarack, it's time to get acquainted—after all, you and its brainchild, Jean-Pierre Boespflug, speak the same language.