Enter the Dragon


Welcome to the Year of the Dragon, and while that might go by relatively unnoticed in the Treasure Valley, communities across the country and around the world are pulling out all the stops and celebrating in style.

People are traveling from across China to join family for massive celebrations, while communities in the United States—including Portland, Ore., and San Francisco—are marking the occasion in their own way.

And sure, the lunar new year is always an auspicious event, but the Year of the Dragon is a little extra special. Why? in the Chinese zodiac, the dragon is considered the most powerful symbol, and those born in the year of the dragon are said to be strong, lucky, driven, independent and natural-born leaders—although they can be a bit hot-headed and emotional. Of course, the dragon is the only mythological creature in the Chinese zodiac, so make of that what you will.

In fact, parents across Asia are so keen on having a child born in the Year of the Dragon that many Asian countries are planning on dragon baby booms.

Astrologers and Feng Shui masters around the world are weighing in with their predictions as to what the year ahead will hold, even contributing thoughts about the U.S. presidential election. Want to know what's in your future? Click here for one website's predictions. Don't like that one? Try another here.

For those who want to celebrate closer to home, check BW's guide to where you can celebrate locally.