Scenes From a Scene #038—Atomic Mama


In just over a year, 20-somethings Dan Kerr and Jake Warnock have crafted a unique blend of bluesy, old-fashioned rock and gritty electronica with their band Atomic Mama. The duo has inspired a cult following, with its last show on New Year's Eve 2011 filling a local house party to the rafters.

What started off as throwback rock 'n' roll tracks quickly morph into spacey, electronic numbers. The duo build at a frenetic pace, channeling the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Daft Punk at the same time.

While Atomic Mama doesn't normally feature a drummer, Kerr says they're thinking about recruiting one. In the meantime, the band will work with less-traditional beats via a Moog synthesizer and a Casiotone.

The guys will release a debut EP, Bodies in the Sun, alongside fellow Boise bands Shades and Finn Riggins on Friday, Jan. 20. Listen to the album's title track here.

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