Need Something To Do Tuesday?


All right, we're on the downhill side of January. How are those resolutions working out for ya? Make it to the gym this week? Shed any inches or pounds? Well, whether you're holding strong to the promises you made a few weeks ago—or have already abandoned them in the name of cookies, ice cream and the ever-alluring couch—there are plenty of things to do today that will either continue your enthusiasm for fitness or get you back on track.

Stop by Ophidia Studio in Garden City, where you can burn some calories in innovative ways with belly dancing, pole dancing, power party sculpt and burlesque cardio classes. Ophidia will get your heart racing in more ways than one. Prices range from $7-$15, depending on the class, and take place at 6 p.m., 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. Visit the studio's website for a full class schedule and package information.

Don't feel like channeling your inner vixen? Head to the Nampa Rec Center for Aqua Zumba at 1:30 p.m. Maybe you'll discover that you're an excellent synchronized swimmer. Or that zumba is much less mortifying when you're surrounded by water. Get more info at the center's web page.

Need more options for getting off the couch? Check out some programs at the YMCA. There's a little of everything—from Corepower to Power Dance to PiYo—that'll get you fit before swimsuit season. Check out the full list here.

Or, for a mere $4, you can play some drop-in basketball at the Fort Boise Community Center from noon-2 p.m. and practice your super dunking skills while burning a ton of calories. Check it out here.

With a seemingly infinite number of get-fit options, there's no excuse for couch-potatoism this Tuesday.