Need Something To Do Wednesday?


Hard to believe we're almost midway through the first month of 2012. Maybe you're holding true to your resolutions, maybe you've already broken them, or maybe you're still wallowing while you think about everything you missed out on in 2011.

If you're upset about the great music you didn't check out last year, put the tissues away and stop your infantile crying. The Record Exchange is holding a You Shoulda Listened: Now You Can event though Monday, Feb. 13. Translation: The RX has teamed up with Alternative Distribution Alliance and created a list of nearly 40 albums from 2011 they think aren't to be missed, and you can pick them up for the discounted price of $9.99. You can also go to and enter to win a Pro-jekt turntable or vinyl prize pack.

Cruise the list at the Record Exchange's website, take advantage of the slashed prices, relive the glory of a year gone by and rejoice in finally being up-to-date for 2012.