Local Music Blog Audio Milk Will Become Deer Lodge


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Local music blogger Matt Jones of Audio Milk fame unveiled a new website Monday morning called Deer Lodge.

Jones is shelving Audio Milk—a blog that provided readers with one unique track of new music per day—to pursue Deer Lodge. Jones is hoping that his new site will penetrate the indie blogosphere and exist on the same plane as the likes of Gorilla vs. Bear or Obscure Sound.

“We kind of want to push the boundaries of the quote, ‘music blog’ idea,” said Jones. “To most people music blogs are used just to find new music or hear a new track, but with Deer Lodge we want to go a little more in depth with artists and that’s why we do mini-documentaries.”

Jones and local filmmaker Tyler T. Williams are working together to create short documentary-style videos, in which bands perform songs in distinctive locations and then are interviewed on film. So far the Deer Lodge crew has filmed the bands Real Estate and Youth Lagoon.

In addition to mini-documentaries, the blog will cover new mp3s, album reviews and written interviews.

Currently the website shows only a graphic collage and links to Facebook and Twitter accounts. But the full website is scheduled to go live at the end of February.

“We want to go more in depth and create something that’s more of an artistic site,” said Jones. “The average person that visits the site isn’t going to be the average music listener.”