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For the second year, Boise Weekly joined forces with Rediscovered Bookshop to host a reading and reception for the winners of the annual Fiction 101 contest.

This year's event was held during First Thursday, Jan. 5, and drew a crowd of usually shy writers into their well-deserved spotlight—for a little while at least. Friends, family and literary supporters packed the bookshop as nine of the 10 Fiction 101 finalists stepped up to read their award-winning stories and share a little insight into the motivations behind their work.

While something like this is usually a you-miss-it, you-miss-out situation, you're in luck. BW diligently recorded the event so you can share in its glory—or relive its greatness. Click on the audio player below to hear the reading, and watch for an upcomming video interview with grand-prize winner Sarah Masterson.