Liquid Makes Its Comedy Club Debut


Comedy has returned to Boise. 

Last night, Liquid debuted its overhaul as a comedy club, Liquid Laughs. The four-nights-a-week adventure in chuckles may come to define the space. 

Owner Jeremy Aevermann installed a row of black curtains to make the atmosphere better suited for comedy: dark and slightly claustrophobic. The only light comes from candles on the tables, which leaves the focus solely on the performer. The curtains also help block ambient sound from the bar. 

The club was packed for the open-mic event, with few unoccupied seats. 

The first headlining shows, featuring legendary weirdo Emo Philips, will take place Friday, Jan. 13 and Saturday, Jan. 14. The club will then feature touring headliners doing one-week residencies. Ticket prices vary and are available at

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