Need Something To Do Monday?



With presents unwrapped, fun family members leaving town and a possible return to work today, you may be feeling a little glum. Well, buck up, buttercup: Story Story Night is happening at 7 p.m. at The Rose Room.

Jessica Holmes will once again host the event, which has garnered such a following that it had to move from the Linen Building to the larger Rose Room earlier this year. The theme for this go 'round is Happiness: Stories of the Pursuit. Susan Carmichael, Meghan Egbert and Glen Groben will tell stories involving Mongolia, parties, and an adventure in the Peace Corps. After the skilled storiers tell their tales and Dan Costello plays some awesome guitar tunes, the open story slam will begin. If you have an adventure to tell, put your name in the hat, grab a slice of Pie Hole pizza and some liquid courage from the bar, then hit the stage. You just may win a pretty sweet prize package from Boise Guesthouse and Rediscovered Bookshop.

Save yourself some hassle and purchase tickets in advance at the Story Story website. And yes, they're still just $5. Never miss SSN? Then buy the newly available all-season pass. For a cool $60, you can become a Story Story VIP and gain entry to the last event of 2011 and all of 2012.