Crazy Aggressive Carolers Crank Up The Volume


If you're fed up with all the fa la la la la's, here's another way to make Christmas music less bland: spice up your caroling sesh (or any dull holiday party) with a dose of aggressive caroling, which first appeared on YouTube and is slowly growing in popularity as new groups debut their own videos.

Aggressive caroling is essentially a mash-up of Christmas carols, a mosh pit and a flash mob. Carolers typically perform a beloved holiday classic in a loud, screaming voice. Most aggressive carolers start the song sweetly, as they typically would when wandering the neighborhood. But mid-jingle, they switch personas, adopting a hair-raising, head-banging style.

No aggressive caroling stint seems truly complete without air guitar, thrashing and a few ugly Christmas sweaters thrown in the mix.

Aggressive caroling began with a group of YouTubers called Mega64, who started the tradition in 2003 and began sharing videos of their exploits. This twist on Christmas caroling has since grown to include multiple spin-off groups out for a laugh. Some choose to take aggressive caroling public and others stay in the safety of their own homes and Christmas parties.

Check out the group that started it all here.

[ Video is no longer available. ]