Don't Help the Thieves



So you’re heading out of town to have some warm and fuzzy holiday time with your extended family. That’s great, but here’s a tip: Don’t post it on Facebook, send it out on Twitter or otherwise advertise your pending absence so thieves can calmly rob you blind at their convenience.

That’s just one of the tips the Boise Police Department—and common sense—is offering for those who are planning out-of-town rendezvous with friends and family over the holidays. While you might be terribly excited about your plans, so too are those with less than generous plans for your stuff.

So, how do you avoid coming home a victim? Keep your plans to yourself and make sure it’s not obvious you’re not at home. Start by being selective who you tell your escape plans to—the fewer people who know, the better.

Also, make sure your mail gets picked up by a trusted neighbor, who will also—hopefully—be on the lookout for suspicious behavior. If you want to get really proactive, and you have really good neighbors, ask them to put your garbage cans out on pick-up day, occasionally park a car in your driveway, and shovel out your property should it ever actually snow. BW suggests you buy any neighbor willing to do all of this a really big bottle of booze.

BPD also suggests using automatic timers on interior lights to make it appear that someone’s home, as well as motion-sensing or photo cell lights outside. And finally, and possibly most obviously, lock your doors and windows.