Boise Man Hopes to Turn $1,500 into a New Local Job


Most of us know that old phrase, "Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day, but teach him to fish, he'll eat for a lifetime." One Boise man is trying to put his own spin on that idea by making a permanent difference in someone's life.

Now, he just needs some help figuring out how to do it.

James Stead has made a habit of giving money to charity over the years, but he started to feel that it was an inefficient way to help people since it's hard to tell just how much of his donation was going to those in need. He was inspired by Twenty Dollar Promise, a Facebook page set up by a Boise State student that grants $20 to people who apply for it by sharing what they will do with the money.

So he came up with the outline of an idea: He'll donate $1,500 as a base for creating a new, permanent job for someone in the community.

"Somehow, I want to leverage that $1,500 to create a lasting position for someone," Stead told BW. "Not a one-time position."

Stead has the goal of creating a new job—not funding a project already in the works, but helping someone find new momentum in life. His problem is that he's not quite sure how best to accomplish that with the money he's able to donate.

Have an idea of how to grow $1,500 into a full-time job, or what it could help to do? Stead is looking for input and hopes that others in the community might be able to help him hone his plan. If you have an idea or comment, contact Stead at