Hillfolk Noir has a Christmas Present for You: a Free Album


Today may be the first day of Chanukah, but don't tell longtime local junkerdash faves Hillfolk Noir. The band is celebrating Christmas and its recent acceptance to the SXSW musicstravaganza by giving away a special expanded edition of its album Attic Reels, Protests and Nervous Breakdowns.

It is available for a free download from Barn Owl Records, starting today. Just click here.

The expanded edition will feature 10 additional tracks, including previously unreleased songs and alternate version of songs from other albums. It's what Hillfolk Noir guitarist Travis Ward describes as "a couple unreleased tracks, a couple of songs from soundtracks and a few old bedroom recordings."

"They have this huge backlog of really cool material, so this is a great opportunity to get it out there for people who haven't heard it before," said Matt Dalley, co-founder of Barn Owl Records.

Dalley said the album will remain as a free download on the Barn Owl Records website so long as the lights stay on, which despite today's historical significance, will probably be longer than eight nights.