Need Something To Do Monday?


Take a look at your walls. Are they kind of sad, maybe a little barren? Are they covered in the generic furnishings from a major department store, velvet posters you colored with markers, or the scribblings you stole from a kid in the park?

You need an artervention. Fortunately, you can stop by Payette Brewing Company tonight, drink some tasty local brews and listen to some sweet blue grass tunes while you bid on original artwork. Red Circle Press, Boise State's printmaking club, started placing drawings, paintings and prints up for silent auction on Dec. 12, and has been adding new works over the last week. Bidding closes today at 9:30 p.m.

New work will be accepted until 5:30 p.m., so scope out the latest goods. Jonathan Warren and the Billygoats will add their musical talents to the auction experience, and several of the contributing artists will be in attendance, so you can meet the creators of your new fabulous home decor. Pick up some work for yourself or as a holiday gift. Proceeds will go to the artists and Red Circle Press.

Things get swingin' at 5 p.m., so go tour the goods and put in some bids.