Slideshow: Navigating TMP's Third 10+1


On Dec. 9, even the loading dock entryway to Trey McIntyre Project's headquarters was enough to repel claustrophobes. Hundreds of bulky winter jackets hung on two parallel coat racks, giving a brief but telling overview of the number of folks chattering inside.

For it's third 10+1 event, TMP transformed its Fulton Street office and rehearsal space into a bustling, winter-themed fine art and crafts gallery.

Shuffling across the plastic-covered floors of TMP's dance studio, weaving through a who's-who of the wine-sipping Boise arts elite, one thing became apparent—even three years in, the inspiration is as fresh as ever.

April VanDeGrift's gangly, tube sock-clad dancer portrait shared space with Tomas Montano's colorfully blurred photo-and-text series and Erin Cunningham's stunning large-scale portrait. There was even a special piece donated from the estate of the late Surel Mitchell.

In the more chaotic crafts room, dancers shook their stuff on stage with a rotating cast of giddy kids while vendors showcased their wares. Stunning, delicate chandeliers cast a warm glow on the busy room, illuminating mustachioed bike bags, pink kids' tutus and tulle-clad sock monkeys.

If you missed 10+1, or couldn't squeeze your way into some of the jam-packed spaces, check out a slideshow here.

The fine art exhibit will remain up for viewing Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. through Tuesday, Dec. 20.