Need Something To Do Sunday?


Remember those kitschy dancing Elvis clocks? The icon's plastic eyes would focus on you creepily while his hips wiggled constantly from below the clock, giving a thrill to the desperate, infomercial-crazed housewives who bought the things.

Well, now you can take your favorite Elvis-clock enthusiast to see something infinitely more stimulating. The Elvis Christmas Show will take over the stage tonight at the Nampa Civic Center, so you can combine your love for the holidays with your passion for blue suede shoes and bejeweled flight suits. Stacey Wayne stars as the excessively hair-gelled singer with His Blue Moon Boys Band.

Not a huge Elvis fan? There will also be a tribute to Frank Sinatra by Adam Gottesman. Such a fusion could result in a Hound Dog With Angel Eyes, which could be a wicked-awesome mash-up.

Anyway, if you're already Charles Dickens-ed out and want to see an original Christmas production, head out to Nampa. The show starts at 7 p.m. and tickets at $17.