Video of the Day: Punking Holiday Shopping


Ryan Smith and Greg Benson of Mediocre Films put a twist on holiday shopping in the form of a prank video a la Punk'd.

Each guy made his counterpart's shopping list, and then solicited unwitting Target and Walmart employees to help find the items. However, they're not your typical lists. The guys ask for help finding Japanese children, daddy butter, smelly jellies, disposable slacks and other asinine "gifts."

"Do you have a Mormon disco ball?" Smith asks a puzzled employee. "It's like a disco ball, but it's just for Mormons. They've got a different kind of dancing."

For those of us who have worked retail, pranksters in the middle of the frenzied holiday shopping season might force us to take the "platypus trimmer" mentioned in the video to a wise guy with a fake shopping list.

However, the workers in the video take it in stride, play along with the comedians or just choke back the urge to headbutt the guys.

Check out the video below.

[ Video is no longer available. ]