Zuckerberg's Photos Found by Bodybuilding.com Forum Members



In a huge snafu for the social networking website Facebook.com, founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg's private photos were snapped up through a security hole. They were then published in an imgur.com gallery, and have blanketed the Internet since.

What's weirder, it appears that members of a forum on BodyBuilding.com, the Meridian, Idaho, company, were the originators of the exploit—or at least that's what Slate, the Los Angeles Times and the BBC say.

Screenshot from Bodybuilding.com forums
  • Screenshot from Bodybuilding.com forums.

Since the media maelstrom has linked directly to Bodybuilding.com, numerous threads have popped up addressing the forum's newfound popularity. Click here for the thread in contention. (There's some NSFW content on the forum's Page 4.)

"Has anybody tried this on Zuckerberg?" asked user AP12493 Tuesday at 11:15 a.m.

A separate Bodybuilding.com thread from Aug. 11 shows paparazzi photos of Zuckerberg and his girlfriend, but doesn't guarantee a link to today's security exploit.

The photos are largely mundane, depicting Zuckerberg with his girlfriend, a live chicken and a puppy. Oh, and a quick shot with President Barack Obama. Ironically, news of the exploit comes after Facebook announced a deal with the Federal Trade Commission regarding user information and privacy.

Facebook has since fixed the hole.