Need Something To Do Thursday?


Fingerless gloves are wicked cool. They can instantly make you look 100 percent more bad ass—even if you're rockin' them with Dockers and a tie. But beyond the awesomely tough, don't-mess-with-me vibe they contribute to any outfit, they're functional. Trying to operate an iPhone in the freezing cold with glove-covered fingers is an exercise in futility.

If you want to look awesome and be able to operate your high-tech devices while keeping your hands warm, head to Puffy Mondaes today. The house of sustainable crafts is holding a Mosaic Mitts workshop, which will result in you taking home some self-created, truly original fingerless mitts. The class is broken up into two sessions: the first of which is today and the second Thursday, Dec. 8. The $48 price tag covers your yarn, pattern and instruction, and come on—you'd probably end up paying that for a pair of mass-produced "designer" hand warmers anyway.

Students need to know a few things before class: namely, how to knit, purl, increase, decrease and knit in the round. So if you're already a knitwit (ha ha), great. If not, you better learn real fast like, so you can rock some unique and functional mitts.