Asian Boy BBQ Food Truck Opens


Boise’s newest food trailer, Asian Boy BBQ, had its grand opening Tuesday, Nov. 29, on the corner of Overland and Cloverdale roads in the Computer Central parking lot.

Asian Boy combines three trends that show no signs slowing: food trucks, barbecue and banh mi sandwiches. According to the trailer's Facebook page, the "simple, yet exotic menu provides customers with a fusion of American and Asian cuisine. The love of our Boise backyard BBQs along with traditional homestyle Vietnamese flavors brings a truly unique taste to the Treasure Valley.”

The truck’s menu boasts an eclectic mash-up of flavors, including dishes like the Aporkalips sandwich, which features slow-cooked, marinated pork stuffed inside two large dinner rolls; Thai-seasoned chicken wings on a stick; and an Asian Boy red burger on a sesame bun. But other than french fries or kiwi mango salsa with wonton chips, vegetarians are out of luck.

For more information on Asian Boy BBQ, visit its Facebook page or follow the truck's whereabouts on Twitter.